Special Programs

Achievement Patches

Show your club pride while showing off your skill level!

This is structured much like the belt systems you would see in eastern martial arts. The idea is to encourage and reward athlete development over time spent at our club. As our athletes progresses they are given the opportunity to take tests and climb through the achievement levels, or colours. We based our system off of the "armband" system under development by the Canadian Fencing Federation and added our own creative variations.

The achievement colour progression is: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Black

One limitation of an armband or belt system is that there are three separate weapons in fencing, each with unique requirements for each colour level. We solved this problem in a unique way by incorporating the achievement levels into our logo, which was developed to easily display all three weapons every possible combination of achievement level colours.

Upon completion of a test an athlete will receive a beautiful embroidered patch customized to their own achievement level(s). This patch should be affixed to shoulder of the non-sword arm (foil and epee fencers) or to the "back leg" of your fencing pants (sabre fencers).

Gear Purchase Program

Here at Enguardians we know that buying equipment for growing children can be frustrating. We're here to help.

Our coaches and armourers will help you in the purchasing process by making suggestions and clarifying options for your gear purchases. Sometimes we even organise bulk-orders to try to save on shipping costs and take advantage of club discounts.

Our most innovative idea is our repurchase program which we have created to save you money while infusing new equipment into our armoury. Under this program you are able to trade-in your old masks and jackets towards the purchase of a new item. This is great for children who have outgrown these items OR any fencer who wishes to upgrade from "club-level" equipment to items approved for higher-level competitions. We will take masks and jackets with reasonable wear and give you half of that item's current cost. This means that purchasing new items (comparable to your old ones) you end up only paying half-price!