There have been some changes to our programs this year. Last year, we had such a successful year that we have had to add another day in our schedule. It is on Monday evenings and they are exclusively for our Beginner programs and the U10 Minis!

Tuesday and Thursday evenings are now for recreational and competitive  fencers only.

Beginner Programs

After you register online, you only need to show up with athletic pants (no shorts, no open pockets, no rips/tears), grippy indoor shoes, and a t-shirt... we provide the rest! Yes, there is no equipment to purchase!

Our beginner athletes are able to take full advantage of the equipment in our club armoury until the point they move beyond the Beginner Level. But, we do encourage you to purchase your own gear as soon as you know that you want to continue in the sport of fencing. For most of you that will be at the end of your first Beginner season when you graduate to our Novice programs, which are on Tuesday and/or Thursdays.

We do reserve the right to limit class sizes for your safety and coaching availability. This means that there is another unique feature of our beginner programs. We will be taking attendance, which will allow us to keep track of the class size and allow other people to join our beginner classes sooner. Your online registration will come with an acceptance email confirming your status (accepted or waitlisted on first come basis).

Youth Beginner

This is a safe and fun environment for fencers aged 10-15 to learn the basics of the sport and to start refining their skills for their first club competition. 

Adult Beginner

Sometimes it's hard to join a sport just because all the beginners are little kids. Here we run small classes for adults to learn the skills they have always wanted to develop.

Let's face it, we all remember picking up a stick and suddenly, we have a mastery of the sword, in our own minds. Why not make it official! 

Your level of activity is entirely up to you as you learn the basics before moving on to the next level. There is a time slot for you on our Monday evenings.

U10 Minis! 

Don't be fooled by their size, these are real fencers in training! This program is a great introduction to the sport using smaller-sized weapons and protective equipment. Minis learn the basics of our sport, in a fun way, but go on to develop more advanced skills, including technical and physical skills and in problem solving.

Class sizes are kept to a smaller size to provide greater safety for our younger members.

Beginner Tournament

At the end of each season, the Enguardians Fencing Club will host a free non-electric foil tournament. It is a friendly event to see how much you have learned. Parents/guardians and family are always welcome

Recreational & Competitive Programs

Open to all ages, but not for the uninitiated! Many athletes in this program are active competitors and cover a wide range of ages. Focus is on refinement of motion and problem solving. In this group our athletes help each other develop using focused exercises and bouting. (Note: Novice Fencers are last season's beginner fencers.)

In terms of equipment, athletes have already been encouraged to purchase their own equipment. But may take advantage of the remaining equipment in our club armoury. Weapons are always available for free.

All athletes are expected to warm up upon arrival and start footwork drills.

Youth Program

For Novice fencers aged 10 - 15. You know the drill, you've been here before! Classes will consist of structured lessons and focused bouting in all 3 weapons.

Open Program

For Novice fencers aged 15+ or by special exception by our coaches. Classes will consist of structured lessons and will lead into our competitive bouting session. 

Competitive Bouting

This is included with the registration in the open classes but is also offered as a drop-in for experienced fencers who may not wish or have time to attend regular classes.

There are no formal classes. All weapons are in play and fencers usually just challenge each other for fun and exercise. And they will sometimes make use of the electrical scoring equipment. (Setup and teardown is not included.) They may also take some lessons from our coaches and advanced fencers.

Non-club members are always welcome and can come in for FREE but must have proof of a CURRENT CFF Membership.

Training Schedule


6:15 pm: Doors Open

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm: U10 Minis! 

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm: Youth Beginner 

7:45 pm - 8:45 pm: Adult Beginner


6:15pm: Doors Open / Warm-up

6:30pm - 7:30pm: Youth Intermediate/Advanced

7:45pm - 9:00pm: Open Intermediate/Advanced

9:00pm - 9:45pm: Competitive Bouting

Class times and days are subject to change as coaching and space dictates.


Our payment rates are based upon registration into a 15 week term. If a class is cancelled due to coach/venue conflict (or due to a holiday) it will be made up at the end of the term or another option offered in its place.

One night/week:

Two nights/week:

Discount options also available for multiple athletes in a single family.


These rates no longer cover the cost of the National and Provincial membership fees. All athletes (except U10 Minis and members of the beginner programs) are required to have a CFF membership number, which will be provided when you pay your annual dues. 

Every paid member will have to print out their own membership card, which service is available at the bottom right corner of the CFF application page.