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Fencing is a sport which teaches discipline, builds strength, and sharpens the mind while embedding a deep sense of respect for others. Although this is a sport with its roots in violence it has evolved to become one of the safest sports in the world. Unlike other martial arts our athletes are able to advance into a situation unafraid of injury, knowing the uniform they wear will protect them.

At the Enguardians fencing club we continue the traditions of centuries past in a safe environment with modern equipment with nationally certified coaches.

We offer introductory classes for both youth and adults who are interested in the sport and all equipment is provided for you for no additional charge.

After learning the basics fencers will have the option to move to into the more competitive classes and continue to build their skill with other experienced athletes. 


Practices are held at St Antonio's Church Hall located at the corner of Chebucto Rd and Windsor Street in Halifax, NS. Enter through the back of the building from the parking lot (left door up the small set of stairs)

Drop-ins are welcome during any of our class times. Come talk to our athletes and parents, or even take part in a class!

Mailing Address:

5516 Spring Garden Rd., 4th Floor
Halifax, NS
B3J 1G6


Sean - Refereeing a bout

Sean Brillant

Youth Beginner/Intermediate Coach, Open Intermediate/Advanced Coach

Sean has been a major part of Fencing in the maritime provinces for decades. His friendly, approachable coaching style meshes well with all who have studied under him. From teaching beginners the basics to pushing competitive athletes to find the game within the game (within the game) Sean has the skill and experience for any class we have thrown at him!

Joseph van de Kieft

U10 Minis! Coach

Joseph started fencing in 1990 and was a top-tier competitive sabre fencer, representing Nova Scotia in several National competitions including the 1995 Canada Games earning a team Bronze.

He later went on to train as a fencing coach, earning  his NCCP Level 2 coaching certification and became the head coach of his home club in Dartmouth.  After several years Joseph moved away for work and started a family. He has returned to fencing and is delighted to have brought his children, Zoey and Eli, with him to the Enguardians Fencing Club! 

Joseph - Slain by Minis

Lester - On the rocks

Lester Wong

Advanced one-on-one Coach

Lester started fencing at University of Alberta in 1963. He won the university national championship for foil and epee in 1967 and represented Canada at the university games in Tokyo in 1967. He later went on to win the Canadian championship for epee in 1971 and foil in 1975. In 1970 he represented Canada in epee in the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh, Scotland and won individual silver and team bronze. He represented Canada in the Pam-Am Games in 1971 (Cali, Columbia) in both foil and epee and 1975 (Mexico) in foil. Lastly he was in the 1972 Olympics in Munich for both foil and epee. He retired from fencing in 1975. He came back to fencing (after nearly 40 year hiatus) in 2014 to help coach at Excelsior Fencing Club in Waterloo, Ontario. He is now coaching here at Enguardians Fencing Club and we are truly happy to have him!

Florian Fredrich

Youth Beginner/Intermediate Coach, Open Intermediate/Advanced Coach

More information coming soon

Florian Flying the Flag