Enguardians Fencing Club

Here at Enguardians you can learn the basics of fencing; develop your skills; keep active; and, over time, even join the ranks of our elite competitive athletes. All ages and fitness levels are welcome!

Current News

Last Edited Feb 18th, 2018

Thursday, Feb 22: No Classes

Due to coach availability we will not be able to offer classes on Thursday, Feb 22. We will be adding a Thursday evening to the end of our term to make up for this missed class.

Term #2: It's Not Too Late To Register

Our final term of the season, Term #2, is underway! We do allow late registrations, as well as a FREE one-time trial class if you want to check us out before committing to registering for a year.

For more information check out our Classes Page

To register for Term #2 click here.